Star Wars "Backstroke of the West"-style Subtitles



What are these?
These are SubRip-formatted subtitle files for five Star Wars movies, in similar style to Star War The Third Gathers: The Backstroke of the West.
Too many links. Can you give me a short synopsis?
Someone found a bootlegged Chinese DVD of Star Wars Episode III with horrendously bad yet funny English subtitles, that probably were created when someone took the Chinese subtitles and sent them through a low-quality machine translator. (This was the source of the Do Not Want meme, by the way.) One of the files (Episode III) is the original; the others are generated by me.
How did you make these?
Found some Chinese subtitle files and sent them through a free, on-line, low-quality translation server. Made a few small adjustments, mostly in timing. I won't mention which one because it might embarrass them. (It wasn't Google or Babelfish; the results weren't hilarious enough.) You can tell the translation isn't as bad as the original, but some have found the results more hilarious. YMMV.
Why did you make these?
We were doing a Star Wars movie marathon at my house and I thought this would be fun. It was.
What edition Star Wars?
The 1997 "Special Edition". I think. I'm not enough of a Star Wars geek to be absolutely sure.
Where's Episode I?
Didn't bother. We were watching the movies in Machete Order.
by Wei-Hwa Huang (December 30, 2012)